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Payroll Services

Are you looking to boost your profitability by reducing your operating costs?

You can assign your payroll needs to our team consisting of experienced executives who have a deep knowledge of the subject and keep constantly updated in everything related to payroll related matters.


By assigning your payroll to us you ensure that your company is compliant with the legal and institutional environment, with upgraded human resources management, whilst avoiding investing in all the associated equipment and skilled personnel.

Payroll Services include:

  • Collection and processing of all data necessary for salary calculation
  • Payroll ccalculation and management
  • Making available all the necessary data in order to generate reports in Excel
  • Ability to send personal salary proof electronically to employees’ personal e-mail
  • Creating and sending the relevant files to banks paying the payroll
  • Creating and submitting all files related to recruitment, leaving, or changing of staff
  • Creating and submitting records and statements relevant to Insurance Funds
  • Creating and submitting tax returns

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